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#3150  | Net Wt. 1 US .Gallon.

Tech Grade 99.9% Ultra Pure Isopropyl Alcohol is an excellent general all-purpose electronics cleaner for a wide range of technical applications and sensitive surfaces. Safe on plastics and other sensitive materials, PURETRONICS® Tech Grade Isopropyl Alcohol has moderate evaporation rate, leaves zero residue and is non-corrosive and ozone friendly. Recommended for removing flux residue, light oils, polar soils, oxide particles and other contaminants where optimum surface cleanliness is desired.

magnetic tape heads, printed circuit boards, contacts, connectors, relays, semi conductors, fiber optics, microwave and telephone circuitry, date processing equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, mechanical assemblies, etc.

General All-Purpose Electronics Cleaner
  • 99.9% Ultra Pure Anhydrous Alcohol
  • Plastic Safe
  • Moderate Evaporation Rate
  • Zero Residue
  • Ozone Friendly
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