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#5000  | NET WT. 13 OZ.

Contact Cleaner and Lubricant is specifically formulated to provide the necessary cleaning, lubricating and protecting of electronic components and equipment from unwanted contaminants. Quick penetrating, low surface tension action removes oils, greases, grime, dirt, and other contaminants while leaving a thin coating of long lasting electronic grade silicone to lubricate and protect against material abrasion, corrosion, oxidation and carbon buildup. Moreover, Contact Cleaner and Lubricant's quick acting formula is safe on plastics and metal materials.

Applications: potentiometers, metal contacts, relays, tuners, electronic controls, electrical panels, volume controls, switches, circuit breakers, fuse blocks, timing devices, counters, gauges, controls, battery terminals, data processing equipment, electronic business controls, photographic equipment, optical equipment, office equipment, aerospace electronics, and avionics, etc.

Precision Cleaner and Lubricant for Electronic Components and Equipment
  • Restores electrical continuity of contacts and effectively cleans surrounding areas
  • Removes oils, greases, grime, dirt, fluxes and other contaminants
  • Quick acting, leaving a thin coating of silicone to lubricate and protect
  • Safe on plastics and metal materials
  • Ozone friendly containing no CFCs or HCFCs
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