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#7400  | NET WT. 10 OZ.

Circuit Freeze helps locate thermal intermittent defective resistors, transistors, capacitors, semi-conductors and other electronic components. It also provides heat sink protection for heat sensitive components during soldering and desoldering conditions and helps locate cold solder joints and PCB cracks
Directions: To locate thermal intermittent, allow components to heat up to normal operating temperature or until heat induced intermittence occurs. Spray suspected components until defective component is found and isolated. For heat sink protection, spray desired location until frost forms on the surface, For localized applications, use supplied extension tube.

For Locating Thermal Intermittent Faults
  • Helps locate thermal intermittent electronic components
  • Protects heat sensitive components
  • Helps locate cold solder joints and PCB cracks
  • Chills to -62F
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe on plastics
  • Zero residue
  • Ozone safe
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