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About Puretronics
T.A. Emerald Industries, a company that specializes in developing and marketing advanced application cleaners, is proud to offer you the Puretronics line. Launched in 2001 at the Electronics Distributor Show in Las Vegas, Puretronics is a family of high performance precision cleaners and maintenance products developed specifically for electronic applications with one purpose in mind---to effectively, safely and affordably clean electronic components and equipment to the point of optimum surface cleanliness. Simply stated, maintaining component and system reliability is critical in electronics. Puretronics is your solutions provider for your critical cleaning needs.
With extensive research and development in the lab aided of process engineers and service technicians, we feel confident that we have assembled a quality line of precision cleaning products offered at impressive value. Each individual product has been subjected to stringent quality and performance standards in order to qualify and be accepted into the line. These standards revolve around qualities we feel essential to an exceptional formulated product: excellent cleaning strength, material compatibility, high purity solvents, quick evaporation rate, zero residue, low odor, low toxicity, ozone safe and reasonable formulation material cost. These product objective qualities are the keys to an effective, safe and affordable cleaning product and are the foundation to the entire Puretronics product line.

So whatever your precision cleaning requirement is, Puretronics has a solution for you. From cleaning a printed circuit board, to removing rosin flux from a post-solder application, to cleaning and lubricating a potentiometer, choose among our complete line of products to achieve your cleanliness and maintenance objectives. You wonít be disappointed and all this at impressive value. Thatís our way of doing things. Thatís the Puretronics way.
Troy Emerald,
President of T.A. Emerald Industries
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